This, I hope, is to become over time a resource for Canadian Gardeners. To begin, my aim is very limited. Over time, I hope to offer a compendium of Canadian gardens, a way for Canadian gardeners to find plants and overcome both front line obstacles and the loneliness of digging, and as much as possible, to upload video tours of those gardens both public and not-so-private that are well worth visiting. Together with providing interviews with horticulturalists, breeders and hobby gardeners we would all love to know better, I aim to host lists of special events, garden travel opportunities, personal reviews of tools and apparatus (especially those that break in one season), and an unofficial registry of what seems to be able to grow or not grow where, and just why that might be. I may not live long enough for all that to happen. But for now, I must tackle the basics of blogs, so please bear with me.