The Cost of a Pea

Day 44: When travelling, this expression has a very different meaning. However, the cost of getting 24 pea plants into the May 2018 limestone rocky ground in Bruce County, also protected from groundhogs, is not to be underestimated. Peas

Eleven dollars a pea is what I estimate. It took me several days to be able to say that monumental task was done, two of those days spent just laying out parameters to allow for house expansions. As with most new projects, what I dreamed was simple, is far from that. There was the polypropylene I’d laid down to suppress weeds: free in the back shed or not, I will never use that horrible, slimy, slippery, shredding, environmentally and aesthetically despicable junk again. And not thought through, since the entire garden carries a pronounced slope along its length westward, and any new border hedge will memorialize that slope, the evolution of plans now includes undefined time to terrace the slope. Any hedge to mask animal barriers must wait months to begin. So must laying paths.

20180507_173037Any thought of having the time or energy to amend the soil is laughable at this point. But Ontario appropriate, and well deserved, I sat by seven with a bottle of Black Fly to relax under my newly acquired solar chandelier as the sun set over the chicken wire barrier around 24 two inch plants that hopefully are merely the torch-bearers for a decade of grander things to come.



Black Fly

My back hurt like Hades..




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