Ugly offspring with a bright future.

DAY 3: Optimism is essential when gardening.  THIS is what my babies will look like when delivered. Just need some mycorrhizal fungi (whoo whoo!) to plant them with. Gardeners are strange. My dad used to load compost in the back of the car whenever we went on family road trips.

THIS will be the ugliness of planting weather, if it’s not also raining.

Team member Seokhyeon Kim uses her soil moisture probe to measure the amount of soil moisture in the ground.

THIS, however, is what my Munstead Wood 3ft shrub will look like when mature, and smelling like heaven (apologies to Sally Cooper).

 “Strong Old Rose fragrance with fruity notes of blackberry, blueberry and damson.” Vase worthy. What more does anyone need? Thank you David Austin, from the bottom of my heart.

I promised you yellow roses, but they will have to wait until tomorrow. I ordered fruit trees today and, would you believe it? It’s February, and many were sold out already.  As I said, gardeners are strange.

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