Yellow Roses

Day 4: Mingling with the deepest reds I could find, which I posted earlier, these visions of sunlight will adorn and drape overhead between upright posts, as the old cedar hedge comes down. My dad was not a flower guy at all, so I begin at the beginning.

Roald Dahl: Strong tea fragrance, 4ft., repeat bloom.

Image result for Roald dahl rose

Teasing Georgia Climbing: Strong tea fragrance, repeat bloom.

The Pilgrim Climbing: Strong blend of tea, rose and myrrh fragrance. Repeat blooms.

Graham Thomas Climbing: voted the world’s favourite rose, strong tea fragrance with hints of violets, repeat blooms.

Alister Stella Gray Climbing: delicious tea scent, yolk-yellow buds, repeat blooms.

Alister Stella Gray

And one Bourbon for Napolean’s Josephine, to be planted outside the yard near the barn. Souvenir de la Malmaison, climbing up to 20ft. with repeat strongly scented blooms.

Souvenir de la Malmaison



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