450 Lavender and a Laneway

Days 7 and 8: Part of the freedom of research, is being able to keep ALL possibilities nurtured with equal stagnation. Though they are notoriously difficult to germinate and grow from seed, with courage, decisiveness, and two years of mulling behind me, by the kitchen sink in Hamilton, I have just over-seeded 450 lavender. Three days in the fridge first, then into moistened seeding mix placed in a warm spot under lights for months. Don’t let me down, YouTube.

450 Lavender

If successful at rearing any of it to outdoor transplant date, in addition to defining the upcoming “Paradise Garden” segments, it will serve as companion to a new 1/2 mile low cedar double hedge made of indigenous transplants, that will run up the roadway from front gate to farm yard. Lavender benefit from but don’t require deadheading: this fact has eliminated other long considered options.

You can see that gentrification will take time.

Laneway 2014

The laneway should eventually feel somewhat like this, alas without being level.


The lavender I’ll run along the inside of the evergreens, the road will be re-gravelled with local limestone.

Lavender rows

And though I flirted for some time with visions of rose edging or hydrangea, both compatible with alkaline soil,

Floral Hedges

the requirement of pruning would intrude on the pleasures at Styx Crossing. Lavender maintenance won’t be a matter of blossom survival and my aim is to demonstrate that less can be more. I must have a productive life beyond the gardening hours.

Along with the very lax timing to start vegetable seeds under lights, until spring planting really, I am now “at ease”.  In the meantime, other plans evolve. My next major outlay could be a modest greenhouse, and I may not even need it this year.

South Yard Egress Plan

The Ides of March approach.

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